Top 10 Business Process Management Services Companies - 2022

Driving efficiency in business operations is an ever-present need for organizations. In the wake of disruptions in the business world courtesy of COVID-19, now more than ever, organizations are increasingly seeking ways to streamline their operations. In tandem, the market for business process management (BPM) is growing. According to Fortune Business Insights, the size of the global business process management market is slated to reach USD 26.18 billion in 2028, growing at a CAGR of 12.0 percent.

This market growth is being propelled by organizations proactively focusing on embracing cutting-edge digital technologies to improve their business processes and offer enhanced customer experiences. The widespread introduction of business applications built on the cloud and the increasing use of AI-equipped BPM solutions by organizations are expected to further boost the size of the BPM market.

This edition of CIOReview brings to light the key developments in the BPM space and how organizations are leveraging the latest tech solutions to continually digitize their business operations to drive efficiency and productivity. It features thought leadership articles from Phil Ahad, Chief Digital Officer at Toluna, and Ruma Bhattacharyya, Vice President of Business Systems Analysis at Everest Reinsurance Company. They speak about the need to adopt a proactive approach to managing customer data for driving business growth and the importance of building robust data strategies that include data integration for streamlined business process management.

The edition also features an innovative process mining and operational efficiency platform from mindzie. The platform employs a data-driven approach to assist organizations in improving and streamlining their business processes. By analyzing data from business workflows in an organization’s existing ERP and IT systems, mindzie’s platform unlocks insights and uncovers avenues to automate certain business processes, driving efficiency in business operations.

In this edition featuring the most promising BPM solution providers and service companies, we hope you find the appropriate company to enhance and optimize your business operations.

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    Top Business Process Management Services Companies

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    The company scripts highly adaptive agile-based business strategies and a subsequent process architecture to digitize and optimize business processes. The company can also help businesses to effectively manage both Business and Information Technology projects.

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    CCG delivers strategic advisory solutions to maximize revenue growth, transform operational capability, and sustain competitive advantage.

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    Novus Consulting offers comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help organizations solve the most complex issues.

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    Driven by the goal to improve operations, accelerate revenue, and elevate businesses to the next level, OBO delivers people-focused solutions that center around innovation and digitalization. OBO specializes in helping clients select and implement the right customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, customer service, and project management systems, enabling them to offer superior customer experiences.

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    Algoloma Systems

    Algoloma Systems

    Algoloma Systems is a global solutions provider of critical procedure strategy, business process planning, information technology integration, and infrastructure management consulting. Their services provide value-add to clients in the public, private, and government sectors

  • 6

    Clarus LLC

    Clarus LLC

    Clarus LLC is a technology consulting company providing software quality assurance (SQA) and testing, information and communications technologies (ICT) systems engineering, project and program management, business process optimization and legacy systems conversion and maintenance services

  • 7

    Digicloud Solutions

    Digicloud Solutions

    DigiCloud Solutions provides application cloud, mobile, software development, business process and cloud/data management services to companies across a wide variety of industries spanning the globe

  • 8

    Global Conductor

    Global Conductor

    Global Conductor is a Management Consulting firm focused on Business Strategy and the Transformation of Organizations through People, Process and Technology

  • 9

    QMT Solutions

    QMT Solutions

    QMT Solutions offers corporate governance, regulatory compliance, contract management, learning, and process management services.They serve their clients in different industries, such as, healthcare, manufacturing, oil & gas, travel, hospitality, and banking

  • 10



    Zencon is a leading digital technology services company.The company specializes in Industry 4.0 Technology Solutions leveraging technologies such as Cloud, AI/ML, RPA