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In 1996, a group of friends joined hands with a vision to provide software consulting services differently—the constant pursuit of innovation and process automation. This set the ball running for Trisotech. They started with SDLC processes, delivering Agile services and solutions that would be aligned with business priorities in a simpler technological environment. They soon came up with innovations in workflow solutions and proceeded to play an active role in business process management (BPM). “Trisotech is already well known as a background driving force—a workhorse in the industry,” says Denis Gagné, Partner, CEO, and CTO at Trisotech. Today, Trisotech is the forging the path forward to enable the digital enterprises of the future with their innovative and easy-to-use software tools that allow customers to discover, model, analyze, and find insights.

With the digital revolution going on, it has become imperative for organizations to master their digital transformations. With the number of technologies and business models coming up in the market, choosing the right ones can be a tough ask for without proper experience and knowledge in the field. “Enterprises should relentlessly be customer-centric in their goals to attract, delight and retain them by understanding the customer’s digital journey. They should also standardize and automate routine business processes for efficient operations, driven by analytics and intelligent automated decision making,” adds Gagné. The company’s experience and expertise in BPM help their enterprises realize these goals by analyzing, modeling, and continuously improving their technologies such as mobile, cloud, social, IoT, big data, and more.

Trisotech’s core offering, the Digital Enterprise Suite, is a highly visual and interactive software suite that allows non-technical business people to innovate, transform, and improve their business. It combines the concepts of simplicity, usability, and collaboration in the cloud to bring together strategy, design, and technology to provide organizations with insights that give a competitive advantage. The suite’s intelligent fabric enhances organizational analysis and decisions through proper visualization right from business discovery to transformation, innovation, and improvement. “Our suite helps track all the entities of an enterprise from people to technologies that are involved in executing the task. It also helps identify synergies, responsibilities, risks, dependencies, and impacts of any changes across the enterprise,” adds Gagné.

Our suite helps track all the entities of an enterprise from people to technologies that are involved in executing the task

By leveraging the Digital Enterprise Suite customers are also able to get a semantic model of their organization that fuels the reasoning capabilities of the Insight Analyzer through the Digital Enterprise Graph. It combines multiple types of information models to a common set of graph objects. Then by mapping to the common predefined objects allows detecting and exploring the relationship between entities in the graph, while also maintaining traceability between the objects and the original models. Furthermore, these models can be generated both by the Digital Enterprise Suite and even third-party enterprise architecture and modeling tools. From the graph, the initial Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) and Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN) can be generated based on other model types containing related actor and activity information. This can further be enhanced using the BPMN and CMMN modelers.

Trisotech realizes the benefits that can be gained from having trusted partners and have established a network that would provide best-in-class services and technologies to the company’s customer base around the world. To focus on supporting its customers on their journey towards integrated, process-centric business management, Trisotech has established a partnership with processCentric GmbH, a Switzerland-based consulting and training firm. The company’s network of partners, along with its solutions and services enables IT to help their clients with a seamless digital transformation. “Looking into the future, we can see Trisotech playing an increasing role in supporting organizations transforming to Digital Enterprises,” concludes Gagné.


Montreal, Canada

Denis Gagné, Partner, CEO & CTO

Offers innovative and easy-to-use software tools that allow customers to discover, model, analyze and find insights into their digital enterprise