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Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Managing Director & Co-CEO
Driven by the need for speed and agility to quickly adapt to the various changes occurring in the business landscape, organizations are increasingly turning to the discipline of business process management (BPM) as enabler of their enterprise transformation and digitalization. By allowing enterprises to model, automate, manage, and control their business processes, BPM not only improves organizational performance but also aligns the various processes with a company’s strategic goals. Realizing these benefits of BPM, today, a number of companies have emerged to help establish and apply BPM for organizations to translate their business vision into workable processes. One such BPM maven is the management consulting firm (offices in Pennsylvania and Surrey, U.K.) BPM-D. Mathias Kirchmer, managing director and Co-CEO of BPM-D, says, “When I co-founded BPM-D along with my colleague Peter Franz, the intention was to guide enterprises in making informed business decisions and deliver sustainable results.” Today, BPM-D is well-recognized as an innovative and reliable business partner that helps its clients enhance enterprise productivity and enable successful digital business transformation.

BPM-D’s offerings are based on its patent-pending BPM-D Framework, a collection of methods, tools, and knowledge assets that enhance business value by speeding up the different operations while reducing the risk of such initiatives. “Through this BPM-D Framework, we help our clients build a more effective business process management discipline for rapid and reliable strategy execution,” informs Franz, managing director and Co-CEO of BPM-D. The key focus is to augment a client’s end customer experience. To achieve this, BPM-D takes a pragmatic approach where it identifies the major touchpoints between a company and its customers and then designs the customer-facing processes accordingly to help the company offer an exceptional customer experience.

Another major area of service that BPM-D specializes in is the formulation of rapid process improvement (RPI) strategies. By identifying the critical areas within an organization’s end-to-end processes, BPM-D provides improvement ideas. These ideas are then converted into schemes that are fully-aligned with a firm’s corporate goals.
Peter Franz, Managing Director & Co-CEO
Besides, to ensure compliance and process standardization, BPM-D also offers a cloud-based application that enables the prioritization and alignment of business goals with a company’s business processes to execute strategies effectively and set the right priorities for improvement and innovation initiatives.

Apart from the various solutions and services, the company has also established BPM-D Academy to train organizations and their people on BPM. Through the academy, the firm provides face-to-face training workshops, delivering a robust learning experience. “The training sessions are designed and conducted by our senior consulting executives that have in-depth knowledge and experience in implementing BPM strategies that deliver real business value,” adds Kirchmer.

Over the years, BPM-D has been providing high-quality tools and services to several clients across numerous industries. One such instance is of a mid-size consumer goods company. For quite some time, the client was experiencing exponential growth and steady revenue. Then, as new enterprises that offered similar solutions at lower prices emerged, the company was forced to rethink its business strategy. This is where BPM-D played its part in helping the client adapt to business changes. “Using our rapid process improvement approach, we identified the high impact processes, improved them appropriately and helped the client establish lasting process management capabilities to keep its operations on track,” explains Kirchmer and Franz. Within a few weeks, the client witnessed a massive improvement in its inventory accuracy and on-time ship rate, among other things.

Moving forward, BPM-D plans to continue numerous research initiatives to understand new market trends and technologies, and accordingly develop services to help clients accelerate their business process management in the digital age. Alongside, the company also intends to expand its geographic footprint across North America, Mexico, South Africa, in addition to other parts of Europe and Asia.


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Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Managing Director & Co-CEO and Peter Franz, Managing Director & Co-CEO

A management consulting firm, committed to assisting its clients to achieve operational excellence, superior customer experience, and targeted process innovation by establishing and applying the discipline of BPM

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