AI Foundry: Actionable Intelligence to Drive Business Process Efficiency

Stephen Butler, General Manager
Digital transformation is not optional. Period. End of story. Well there’s more to the story as businesses look to revamp their archaic, manually driven, document-intensive business processes and workflows. Organizations need to tackle inefficient business processes while meeting compliance mandates through innovative solutions that take a holistic approach towards digital transformation and business process management.

AI Foundry was founded to address the needs of companies embarking on a digital transformation journey and provide end-to-end solutions for complex business problems in financial services, insurance, and healthcare. AI Foundry’s solutions ingest information across multiple channels, and automatically classify documents, extract key data, create metadata for later search, interface with internal/external systems to pull-in related data, and post information to a workflow or a content management system. They are all about using the latest machine learning and automation techniques to improve customer experience and streamline business operations.

"Our solutions focus is resonating with customers that want to reduce costs, be competitive, and provide a user experience that is second to none,” informs Stephen Butler, General Manager of AI Foundry. Backed by a successful entrepreneurial career and years of experience in the enterprise software arena, Stephen Butler leads a team of enterprise software experts whose mission is to accelerate transformational business process automation by extracting “Actionable Intelligence” from documents and other business data.

Actionable Intelligence is a concept introduced by AI Foundry that facilitates building a well-defined information management strategy that helps enterprises to improve transparency, response time, and ensures that important information is easily accessible and searchable. The company’s innovative Actionable Intelligence Management (AIM) solutions work across content management systems and data repositories, giving a comprehensive view of the information through a data visualization layer, that is optimized for the industry served. AIM solutions expose sensitive personal data hidden in historical data archives or dark data, which helps companies to stay in compliance requirements, thus adding to the company’s overall value proposition.

We are on course to build a comprehensive solutions store with an aim to build repeatable business processes that can be implemented across our client environments

For example, an insurance provider has manually-driven business processes where every new application had to be faxed into a central location. These documents are reviewed and re-keyed into the insurance provider’s system. Unfortunately, the process to determine what data is missing, the cost to the consumer takes weeks with no visibility into the status of the application. Feedback to applicants or agencies is typically by mail, creating a horrific user experience. This inefficient process is replicated across thousands of applications every week, driving huge internal costs to process applications.

“Our AIM solution can automate the entire process by scanning the incoming fax automatically, classifying the application, extracting pertinent data, feeding a workflow and sending it directly into a secure repository,” explains Butler. This solution facilitated backend data integration by extracting and recording relevant data, such as, the type of insurance, the territory, geography, and social security number.

AI Foundry takes a consultative approach, as it carefully understands clients’ business problems and process challenges and delivers integrated solutions with customized capabilities. “We are on course to build a comprehensive solutions store with an aim to build repeatable business processes that can be implemented across our client environments, says Butler.”

As more companies are exploring digital transformation opportunities by focusing on adopting technologies such as cloud, natural language processing, virtual reality, and IoT, Butler says, “Our Actionable Intelligence will play a key part in facilitating this transformation–helping them realize a complete digital enterprise.”

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Stephen Butler, General Manager

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