Nubeprint: Streamlining Managed Print Services with Innovation

Sanchez Navarro, CEO
The current trends existing in BPM such as business agility, customer centricity, case management, compliance, and operational efficiency have made quite some impact in the landscape with organizations taking up a newer approach to business and technologies in a bid to stay agile. The challenge, however, lies in the process of automating one tool with another. Organizations want to streamline their processes and automate them regardless of the fact that there are multiple tools involved. The same can be said about companies providing Managed Print Services (MPS). Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, Nubeprint addresses these challenges for the MPS industry with their unique ‘lean management concepts’.

Nubeprint provides solutions that efficiently manage printing devices installed worldwide via remote. One of their solutions, Nubeprint V3 provides an intuitive and fully customizable dashboard and an Intelligent DCA, which facilitates the Business Process Automation in the MPS industry. “The main issue in the MPS industry is the control of the costs of supplies,” remarks Sanchez Navarro. The costs of a standard printer or copier split in a 36 months period would be 75 percent for supplies, 20 percent for hardware, and five percent for services. While the cost of the hardware and services are known and fixed, the cost for supplies is variable and unknown. Nubeprint V3 automates the whole cartridge replenishment process of remote printers and copiers, which has a direct impact on costs at multiple levels: warehouse, shipment, cost of printing and printer user satisfaction.

Recalling an instance of how Nubeprint’s solution offerings in the BPM landscape helped the National post office of a country which had over 5,000 delivery offices, Sanchez Navarro says, “The post office had received the mandate to reduce its operational costs.” With IT being one of the areas affected in the post office, the CIO of the post office contacted Nubeprint with two objectives: firstly determine those printers that needed to be replaced because of operational reasons and secondly to streamline the management of the needs of the printers and the distribution of their supplies.

Nubeprint provides solutions that efficiently manage printing devices installed worldwide via remote

“In the first six months the costs of printing reduced by more than 50 percent,” Sanchez Navarro remarks. “The satisfaction of the employees increased and their time dedicated to order supplies or open service tickets declined by 96 percent,” he adds.

Talking of the current technological trends that are highly prevalent in the BPM landscape, Sanchez Navarro believes that Big Data will be the one trend that will continue to impact BPM solely because of its capacity to measure the processes. “Nubeprint has put in a lot of effort on measuring the MPS processes with incredible accuracy,” says Sanchez Navarro. “Our tool is now unique to ensure a successful profitable business in managed print,” he adds.

Keeping up with the competitive market scenario, Nubeprint aims to stay afloat with hard work and focus. Drawing a roadmap of the company’s future, Sanchez Navarro says, “We carefully plan our geographical expansion growth together with our channel partners. We consider them a key component of our success.” The company is methodic in selecting the geography. The company plans to continuously develop new modules around Nubeprint MPS that are indeed separate small products that seamlessly incorporate into V3. “Our research will continue to get driven by the demand of our customers: their needs will decide what we do first,” Sanchez Navarro concludes.


Madrid, Spain

Sanchez Navarro, CEO

The company specializes in Business Process Automation in MPS, MPS Compliance, and Management costs reduction using BPA

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