K2: Streamlining Workflows through Robust BPM Applications

Dave Marcus, Senior VP Alliances
In an age of mobile workers, siloed technologies, over-burdened IT departments and massive data challenges, Business Process Management (BPM) has become a necessity to streamline business processes. Today, CIOs and business leaders are on the lookout for a better way to automate workflow processes to make smarter business decisions. In response, K2 delivers a low-code Business Process Application (BPA) platform that includes forms, workflow, data, and reporting to meet the goals of traditional BPM, without the typical complexity and overhead. K2’s BPA platform empowers organizations to rapidly build and deploy scalable, reusable application solutions that connect people, data, and systems.

Founded 15 years ago, K2 provides an enterprise-class platform that helps businesses across the world increase agility and efficiency. “Our low-code platform helps clients to streamline customer on boarding, case management and other work-related processes,” says Dave Marcus, SVP, Strategic Alliances, K2.

As quoted by a leading industry analyst, “K2 has an offering that can help rapidly produce business applications that deliver business results. Compared to other gargantuan products, K2 requires less of a massive cultural change and all of the headaches that go along with that type of business transformation. It fits nicely into the culture of any IT organization, and also helps off load some of the backlog, because they can co-collaborate with end users on applications that they (end users) largely drive.”

K2 automates manual processes and delivers the “right information into the right hands, anywhere and at any time.” By providing citizen developer capabilities, such as drag-and-drop visual designers, K2 addresses the issue of IT backlogs and the enablement of business experts.

K2 provides a range of visually configurable integration connectors for line-of-business systems and databases, content repositories or third-party social connectors to tear down tech silos that limit an organization’s ability to inter-operate.

K2 blackpearl's powerful drag-and-drop tools facilitate a faster and easier way to create business applications

These can be seamlessly accessed with intuitive forms and workflows that offer a better customer experience. The flexibility of K2’s tools allow processes and forms to be modified and re-used with little or no code, so that organizations can keep up with evolving business trends while radically reducing application lifecycle costs.

K2 has enabled thousands of customers across many different verticals – including healthcare, oil and gas, legal, manufacturing, and finance – to quickly create business solutions that enable users to access their tasks at any time, from anywhere, through mobile devices, company portals or email improving business efficiencies and lowering risks.

The K2 team has an in-depth understanding of their clients’ need for custom solutions that overcome a wide range of challenges. First West Credit Union, for example, chose K2 to help them reinvent Canada's credit union system with streamlined business processes. “With K2, we can take the member process from hours–and multiple sessions–down to less than 40 minutes,” explained David Arrowsmith, VP of Business Solutions at First West. “It’s a much simpler and better experience for the member, and easier for member service representatives to get involved with new business banking opportunities.”

With a world-class, customer-focused support team attuned to anticipate and understand their customer’s needs, K2 brings value at every step of the relationship. The company continues to support flexibility and agility in their methodology while developing next-generation technology that enables the creation of cloud-based BPA solutions at a broader level.“We are focusing on enabling business process professionals, analysts, and technologists to be able to work with us and deliver ultimate solutions for business processes,” says Marcus.


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Dave Marcus, Senior VP Alliances

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