AINS: eCase - Agile and Adaptive Case Management Platform

Dave Hagen, CMO
Change, a certainty in modern business, often disrupts markets and forces implementation of new processes and strategies in order to remain competitive. To generate opportunity and optimize response to these changes, organizations must consistently align with technological innovation that can improve their flexibility. Business Process Management (BPM) vendors and much of the IT world have sought an optimal technology to manage change. To ensure that mission-driven solutions are delivered faster, CIOs and many technology leaders have to overcome the challenges of limited resources, budget constraints, and regulatory demands. With more than two decades of experience under its belt, AINS, a Gaithersburg, Maryland-based company, empowers its customers to develop and employ new technologies to continually adapt to the market’s changing demands.

AINS’ flagship product, eCase, an enterprise adaptive case management solution, allows organizations to rapidly build, deploy, and manage case-centric business applications without the constraints of custom programming. Dave Hagen, Chief Marketing Officer at AINS affirms this concept: “Our unique approach accelerates time to develop new applications and realize a greater time to value, without burdening IT resources across departments in an organization”. The low-code rapid development platform enables easy incorporation of user feedback into highly configurable applications, increasing value to users and driving greater flexibility. eCase speeds application delivery by providing a complete set of components that offer essential building blocks to develop and implement case management solutions. eCase offers visual tools for quick definition and assembly of responsive user interface (UI) and multi-stage, complex workflows to help eliminate common data management and integration challenges.

The eCase Platform has the capability to quickly configure applications in a matter of days or weeks. Traditional BPM solutions can take up to several months, even years, for programming and configuration of an ideal solution. AINS offers a number of ready-to-go solution frameworks built on the eCase Platform that address common business requirements and streamline processes across the enterprise. Leveraging core case management features, eCase Frameworks offer built-in flexibility allowing organizations to easily adapt to ever-changing customer and business demands across Human Resources, Investigations, Audit & Compliance, Incident Management, Open Government and others critical business areas.

We can quickly configure a number of case management frameworks that leverage best practices across many different lines of business

Unlike other BPM solutions, eCase is a highly flexible and configurable platform that supports, automates, and enables faster prototyping and production of solutions across many different process areas. “We can quickly configure a number of case management frameworks that leverage best practices across many different lines of business,” says Hagen.

Nearly 400 organizations across 45 countries have benefited from AINS’ solutions. A client in the federal government sector, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), worked with many legacy technology systems and siloed applications that could not communicate with each other. HUD faced a challenge of how they would quickly deploy new applications to support their business needs. In analyzing its business process needs, HUD selected and implemented eCase to support its strategy, and deployed a number of out-of-the-box frameworks to help jumpstart their initiatives. eCase helped HUD gain a flexible, configuration-based development platform to build new applications and easily modify them as their business process changed. “eCase helped them to unify legacy systems and standardize how they develop new applications on one single platform that shares data across applications, allowing them to report across lines of business from one single system,” explains Hagen.

AINS is committed to providing quality solutions, and works very closely with its partners to help them maximize the value of their software solutions. The company has gained momentum over the last 12 months, recently winning a $24.1 million enterprise case management contract at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). AINS continues to garner industry recognition for its growth and technology innovation in business process management.


Gaithersburg, MD

Dave Hagen, CMO

AINS is a leading global provider of cloud-based, adaptive case management platforms and solutions

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