Macedon Technologies: Automating and Optimizing Business Process Management

Austin Rosenfeld, CEO
As the Business process management (BPM) industry is evolving continuously, mobile, social, and cloud features are being integrated into all the products. The traditional BPM suite has become a more general-purpose platform for solving enterprise technology problems. The rising challenge appears in figuring out which capabilities from workflow to case management to integration bus need to be brought to any given solution to most effectively address an organization’s problem, particularly in light of what they may have originally conceived as a pure workflow issue. Macedon Technologies, a BPM technology expert, analyzes, optimizes, and automates business processes using BPM Software (BPMS). “For BPMS users, we are service vendors who can get them a return on the platform investment,” says Austin Rosenfeld, CEO, Macedon Technologies.

While most of our project involve solving large problems for large companies, we have several unique offerings that help a variety of clients get the most out of their Appian investments

Macedon implements BPM, or workflow automation software systems across organizations that want to establish internal enterprise capabilities, ranging from standardizing integrations to governance with a new platform in developing a core library of reusable components. Macedon solves these problems with its “Center of Excellence” offering, leveraging their unparalleled expertise with Appian—leading provider of modern BPM solutions to set the client up for success. The company also does platform upgrades, which it calls “Fast Forward,” enabling clients who may have built silo or workflow solutions on older versions of Appian to get the most out of the feature set that the product vendor has added over the last few years.
The company has a strong partnership with Appian that allows their clients to start with a highly regarded BPM platform, either in the cloud or on-premise. This flexibility leaves the customers with less IT overhead and involvement, speeding up the implementation.

One of the selling points of a technology like Appian is that it enables rapid application development. The IT infrastructure ease and the agile-friendly, WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) nature of the development environment enable production-ready applications to be built and deployed within the first month. "We have a program with Appian where our bench consultants get to beta test unreleased versions of the product. Our feedback helps the product team, and the experience is invaluable training for our consultants. This approach gives us direct insight into the product pipeline, which enables us to develop forward-thinking solutions,” says Rosenfeld.

Macedon’s solutions include Cloud 30—a live system, in the cloud, in 30 days, along with a full lifecycle system development on the Appian platform, including architecture, analysis, design, implementation, testing, and deployment. For the company, improving efficiency is often a key driver. The company has built a lot of extensions that enhance the value that Appian provides out-of-the-box. One of the first was a unit testing suite that enables the automated testing of workflows. They also have best practices audit tool that ingests an Appian application and produces a report of all violations and warnings. This tool has come in handy when they have inherited systems that other teams may not have had the knowledge of standards and design patterns that Macedon does have developed. Macedon has also built a handful of plug-ins for Appian that solve common problems such as spreadsheet manipulation.

“We are continuing to follow Appian’s lead. As their platform feature set expands to handle more use cases, we are aggressively using these new features with as many of our clients as possible. We are in early R&D stages on some re-sellable solutions and we want to surge ahead with unique solutions,” concludes Rosenfeld.

Macedon Technologies

Reston, VA

Austin Rosenfeld, CEO

Implements business process management (BPM), or workflow automation software systems with the Appian platform.