Hinduja Global Solutions: Device Agnostic Customer Service

Partha Desarkar, CEO
Today, Business Process Management is at a stage where it is experiencing exponential growth.An integral part in many fields like telecommunications, banking, media, healthcare, and others BPM offers more transparency in customer engagement and experience operations. By applying analytics and interaction design, BPM firms address challenges like helping clients in increasing their revenue and boosting operating efficiency. Aiding clients in identifying and retaining valuable customers is another challenge that firms in this sector deal with. HGS (Hinduja Global Solutions) is a BPM company based in India that has been tackling these challenges on a global scale. Partha DeSarkar, the chief executive of the company says, “As a provider of customer engagement outsourcing solutions, it is imperative that we invest in leveraging technologies that will evaluate our client’s problems, source data and consolidate and manage applications to provide solutions in a timely manner.”

The firm provides customer service which is device agnostic. With the Unified Customer Experience Strategy adopted by HGS, the firm can reach end-users through web, or mobile devices and provide a seamless, hassle-free, and consistent user experience. By optimizing the customer experience, the company helps make the client more competent by boosting revenue and improving their Net Promoter Scores (NPS). This goes a long way toward increasing brand loyalty. In addition, the solutions are designed to reduce the cost to acquire and support existing and new customers. All these measures are aimed to ease the ability to do business in an increasingly digital world. HGS’ Business Excellence and Transformation team hasalso developed a strong eSCM-SP framework for this type of transformation and maintain checks for measurable value creation. “Our framework starts with the best-in-class technology platforms and is customized for the unique needs of our client’s business,” says DeSarkar. The system captures and monitors customer data and applies real-time business intelligence to optimize communication channels.This creates a cost-effective solution and positive customer experience.

Our framework starts with the best-in-class technology platforms and is customized for the unique needs of our client’s business

The solutions from HGS have benefitted clients from various sectors around the globe. In one such case, HGS was requested to replace a set of 32 systems that managed visa application process with a self-help portal. The current system, installed by firm, is self-funding, through visa applicants from more than 222 countries. The fees are paid on a “per live-interaction” model and the self-help section remains free of charge.

With a rising demand of BPM solutions in the market, many competitors for HGS’ projects also exist. But the firm maintains its position as an industry leader by focusing its efforts on current market positioning. “Our crucial differentiator is the technology enabled solutions that optimize the customer experience and help our client to become more competitive,” asserts DeSarkar. The firm offers one of the broadest sets of Marketing and Digital Enablement Services and complimentary Customer Interaction Services to their clients.

The firm’s roadmap is to improve the way the industry thinks about blending analytics, automation and self-service technologywith live agent solutions to manage consumer-to-business interactions. To achieve this, the company invests in research and development for innovative uses of technology like analytics, online digital enablement and voice self-serving capabilities. “By offering our world-class live engagement over web and voice channels, we plan to be known for handling high volumes of customer interactions and improving the brand experiences around the world,” concludes DeSarkar.

Hinduja Global Solutions

Chicago (area), IL

Partha Desarkar, CEO and Ramkrishan P. Hinduja, Chairman

HGS provides a full suite of business process management services from marketing and digital enablement services, consumer interaction services to platform enabling back office business services.