AINS: eCase: Built for Case Management

Mohinder Goswami, Founder and CEO
The BPM sector has not fully grasped the unique benefits case management provides, and the broad range of problems that it solves. Current BPM solutions are too structured and too complex which make them costly to implement and support. These solutions do not recognize that what constitutes an organization’s process is often not a “transaction” to be processed but rather a “case” to be managed through a workflow. By centering process automation on the case, case management solutions are more configurable, more adaptable, and better able to manage unstructured data and ad hoc decisions.Unlike other BPM solutions that were retrofitted for case management (like traditional ECM, CRM, and procedural solutions), AINS’ eCase was built for case management from the ground up, enabling faster prototyping and production of solutions across diverse business processes. “By leveraging the power of our eCase platform, we excel at analyzing client business requirements and quickly configuring (not coding) lightweight, scalable solutions that adapt to the needs of our customers,” said Moe Goswami, Founder and CEO of AINS.

AINS’ eCase platform provides data-centric and event-driven adaptive case management for easy and cost effective process automation. The platform helps customers build end-to-end solutions in an agile manner while providing the means to easily adapt and change along the way. It provides a full suite of case management and BPM capabilities including workflow engine, forms, rules, granular roles and permissions, reporting, and dashboards.

AINS’ eCase platform is built for configuration, not coding, empowering organizations to manage and automate diverse business processes and quickly adapt to change without expensive technical resources. “We modify workflows using our drag and drop workflow designer, change fields in our forms designer, alter business rules in our rules designer, and configure new reports in our reports designer,” notes Goswami. eCase also has application programming interfaces (APIs) and connectors that integrate with the leading data analysis, document management, and content management technologies.

Utilizing the core eCase case management features, the company has configured many eCase solution frameworks such as HR, investigations, audit, incident management, and others.
These frameworks speed implementation and reduce cost as they come preconfigured with process-specific workflows, forms, and dashboards.

AINS case management solutions are gaining traction in the federal market with 300 clients across federal agencies and offices, state and local governments, educational systems, health institutions, and commercial customers. The company works closely with customers to ensure product installations and services exceed client expectations. For example, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) procured the eCase HR framework to automate eight separate HR processes. Within the first year, by unifying these processes on the platform, AINS’ eCase HR frame workcut HUD HR costs by 25 percent. “These results are typical of eCase implementations,” said Mr. Goswami. “Often these solutions pay for themselves within one or two years.”

Adhering to Mr. Goswami’s principle of constantly adapting, improving, and evolving, AINS will continue to anticipate market needs and develop new solution frameworks to add to the existing catalogue of eCase configurations. AINS looks forward to integrating new functionality to adapt to the Internet of Things (IoT). “We anticipate that our solutions will be able to track more and more diverse processes that track a wide variety of assets across diverse, unstructured business flows.”

The eCase platform can help customers build end-to-end solutions in an agile manner while providing the means to easily adapt and change along the way

“AINS is committed to more than just selling products,” concluded Mr. Goswami, “we are dedicated to helping our customers enhance productivity, cut costs, and, most importantly, achieve better outcomes.”


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Mohinder Goswami, Founder and CEO

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