TIBCO Introduces New Tools for Effective Digitalization of Businesses
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TIBCO Introduces New Tools for Effective Digitalization of Businesses

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 18, 2015

PALO ALTO, CA: As most of the companies are moving to a digital business, it has become imperative to bring forth tools that can accelerate this process. To this end, TIBCO Software introduces TIBCO Simplr and TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM 4.0, allowing users to create, customize and manage business apps.

Designed for business users, TIBCO Simplr leverages the no code concept to reinforce personal automation capabilities that allow non-programmers to perform a task with simple configuration settings. Connectivity can be deployed to perform tasks like collecting information and moving it to multiple destinations or transferring files between different databases. TIBCO Simplr enables its users to make connections to existing cloud services; automate the flow of information among the cloud services; utilize personal connectors to deploy existing recipes and provide feedback for improvisations.

As a business process platform, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM coordinates processes, people, context and actions of digital businesses. ActiveMatrix BPM 4.0 is architectured with enhanced capabilities, reducing IT dependency for business operations and making them scalable and data centric to support flexible organizational models. Some of the features include generation of low code apps that are suitable for the organization; recomposable case management and functionality and process design velocity support for rapid experimentation when initiating a new business process.

"With these new offerings, TIBCO broadens its Fast Data solutions and fully embraces the improvisational nature of real-world workflows. Our customers operate in a fast and dynamic business ecosystem, and we're committed to providing them with fast and dynamic tools so they can leverage technology to advance business processes rather than becoming impeded by them," says Matt Quinn, CTO, TIBCO.