Dasheroo Collaborates with Pinterest to Allow Organizations to Track Key Pinterest Analytics
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Dasheroo Collaborates with Pinterest to Allow Organizations to Track Key Pinterest Analytics

By CIOReview | Monday, November 9, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: With a motive to enable businesses to track the performance of their Pinterest analytics with other important business metrics, Dasheroo, provider of business dashboard for mid and small-size businesses, has partnered with Pinterest.

Pinterest is an analytics dashboard that allows users to view their Pinterest account Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including followers, boards, Pins and engagement metrics, that Dasheroo has added to the list of a surplus of social media metrics they offer.

Also, apart from Pinterest, the company has integrated with twenty-six other applications, like Facebook, Shopify, Google Analytics, Twitter, Instagram and Paypal.     

With this integration, businesses can now have the track of total number of Boards, Pins, Followers, Re-pins, Comments and Likes over time, giving them a snapshot of their overall Pinterest performance. It lets users to dig into KPIs for Pinterest engagement by Boards, track popular Pin Types and view how the competition is doing as it relates to Pinterest.

“Up until now there have been very few ways to view all of your social media metrics in one place and have the ability to analyze how they work together. Now with Dasheroo’s new Pinterest analytics dashboard any business can take it a step further and track how well the social network is driving traffic to a website and ultimately converting to a sale or call-to-action. That’s powerful,” says John Hingley, CEO, Dasheroo.  

Moreover, by enabling businesses in tracking their top influencers- Dasheroo also offers in-app references that users use to reach out to these influencers to get them interacting with their Pins and Boards to strengthen their message.