Continuous Improvement: Integrating SPC and TPM

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Continuous Improvement: Integrating SPC and TPM

An important continuous improvement tool for manufacturing organizations is Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). Although both TPM and SPC (Statistical process control) are continuous improvement techniques, it is normally not perceived that they have the same goals

An accurate and practical implementation of a continuous improvement program which integrates both TPM and SPC methods can be very rewarding for any organization.

This white paper will show how you can combine SPC and SQC in an organization to get the best of both worlds.

Key takeaways from this white paper on integrating continuous improvement methods:

  • Advantages of integrating SPC and OEE

  • Getting results from continuous improvement – no matter if it is SPC or TPM

  • Preventing performance losses with statistical analysis

  • Getting the estimate of OEE factors and information to drive the improvement process

  • How data input for OEE analysis and reporting can be automated

  • How OEE analysis and reports are integrated in DataLyzer

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