High Performance and appropriate Digitalization through the Discipline of Business Process Management

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Managing Director and Co-CEO, BPM-D
Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Managing Director and Co-CEO, <a href='https://bpm-d.com/' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>BPM-D</a>

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Managing Director and Co-CEO, BPM-D

Rapid Business Impact and Sustainable Process Management Capabilities

BPM-D helps organizations to achieve the right operational performance and digitalization through rapid process improvement, smart automation, customer journey planning and establishing an appropriate process management discipline. We deliver high impact improvements, while establishing the required process management capabilities to sustain the results. BPM-D has close partnerships with technology vendors and deep expertise in their digital solutions. Key partners are Signavio and Software AG (ARIS) for process modelling and mining, Unqork for no-code Process Execution Platform and Nividous for RPA and hyper-automation software in mid-size organizations. We digitalize the Process of Process Management through the right software tools to deliver faster results at minimal risk – leveraging the BPM-D framework with its tools and emplates as accelerator.

Executives from financial, health, technology, food and other companies contact BPM-D when they:

• need more reliable information and transparency of business processes and their performance to take fast well-informed decisions

• want to standardize their processes and ensure compliance

• struggle with their process improvement initiatives or do not know where to start

• plan to use a process modelling and repository, enterprise architecture or process mining tool in a way that delivers best benefits

• do notknow how to best automate and digitalize processes

• struggle to establish a process and data governance organization as well as related skills

• have difficulties prioritizing processes and improvements to create a roadmap

• want to improve customer, supplier, employee or other stakeholder experience

BPM-D is the first choice for customers because:

• we achieve fast impactful improvements by leveraging our deep process management knowledge and our long-year experience

• we create the transparency over processes necessary to take fast decision and define appropriate actions

• we establish value-driven process repository management enabling an effective use of tools like Signavio or ARIS – in which we have deep knowledge

• we have deep expertise in process modelling, repository, mining, and analytics tools, such as Signavio and ARIS

• we are THE experts in value-driven process management and recognized thought leaders: 11 books, many publications as well as classes at the University of Pennsylvania and others

• we include systematic knowledge transfer in our initiatives

• we bring new leading and practical ideas to the table

• we have proven that we deliver what we promise

• we effectively focus and prioritize based on the company strategy

• we enable process / data governance to deliver best value

The BPM-D Value-Model is shown in Figure 1.

Figure1: BPM-D Value-Model

Value-driven Process Management in Practice

In most of the BPM-D engagement we deliver jointly with our clients a high impact process improvement initiative while establishing process management capabilities to sustain the achieved benefits.

In a major insurance company, for example we conducted a rapid improvement and digitalization initiative of their underwriter processes, reducing administrative effort by 80%, process cost by 49% while increasing scalability by a factor of nine. Processes were modeled in a repository using BPMN. A pragmatic process simulation provided the necessary insights to develop a solid business case. The execution of the digital processes was enabled by a no-code platform in combination with other complementary tools. Process repository and execution platform provide the basic infrastructure for a sustainable process management discipline.

In a major global technology company, we reduced the cost of the procure-to-pay process by over $6 million in less than eight months. While delivering this initiative we defined their new process management and transformation capability in a BPM Playbook, established a process repository allowing the easy re-use of process models and an efficient collaboration around those process assets. The process management center of excellence and a new governance organization were set up to sustain improvement results and roll out the process discipline into the organization.

Working with BPM-D, anon-for-profit health research organization was able to reduce the cycle time of their material assessment processes by a factor of ten in less than two years. In parallel they set up simple and effective process management discipline, including a value-driven ongoing use of a process repository and related governance.

Figure 2: Summaries of Sample Case Studies

In collaboration with BPM-D, a mid-sized biologics company established in less than two moths a process management capability, documented in a practical BPM Playbook. This was applied to first improvement initiatives enabling significant efficiencies in their compliance management. Enterprise-wide improvement opportunities were prioritized based on their strategy leveraging the BPM-D Application.

In a mid-sized food company, the cost of key administrative processes was reduced by up to 50%. During this initiative, the process repository and a pragmatic process management discipline were established. An overview of those case studies is shown in Figure 2.

Rapid, Reliable and Pragmatic Process Solutions based on Thought Leadership

BPM-D is founded on solid thought leadership and years of experience, reflected in consistently successful client engagements and numerous publications, including 11 books. All BPM-D offerings are based on the BPM-D Framework enabling fast reliable results.

Figure 3: Excerpt of BPM-D Publications

BPM-D Team members have been teaching at the University of Pennsylvania a class about process-led digital transformation for over 19 years and a class about process innovation at Widener University for over 15 years. Numerous guest lectures in other national and international universities underline BPM-D’s thought leadership. Our clients benefit from this through reliable, pragmatic, and innovative solutions.

BPM-D and its approach to value-driven business process management helps organizations to move their strategy into people and technology-based execution, at pace with certainty. An excerpt of BPM-D publications is shown in Figure 3.