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Vic Herring, VP, Head of Global Software Center, Americas at Fujitsu The competition to develop new and better products and services is only intensifying. Thanks to digital transformation that reached a tipping point last year, organizations are increasingly scaling their digital capabilities. While digitalization is now a priority and in many cases is a do-or-die imperative, there are a number of ways large organizations can sink their teeth into digital initiatives. But those who fail to adapt will simply fall behind. Though it is an opportunity for every business to succeed, digital transformation strategies have so many moving parts, making it pretty difficult to pin down and surprisingly complex. Just like passengers struggling in an aircraft carrier engaging in a ‘quick turn’, many large companies are not comfortable with making the difficult and rapid hard left required to align with the digital transformation strategies. With a vision to make this transition smoother, a small group of pragmatic technologists decided to redefine how enterprises operate and embrace digital transformation. The team laid the foundation of RunMyProcess—a company delivering an innovative platform that assists organizations to quickly implement innovation, achieve change fast, and deliver a solution that will match the exact business requirements.

"In a digital age it is very difficult to build a one-size-fits-all application– differentiation relies on your ability to connect resources and provide highly tailored digital experiences to anyone, anywhere"

Referred by experts as a big global idea founded in a small Parisian room, RunMyProcess is set out to change the way enterprise IT works and assist businesses quickly connect their processes to an ever-increasing array of digital technologies, solving meaningful problems that make life better for their customers and employees. In a nutshell, by using the power of the cloud and the openness of the web, the platform enables enterprises to successfully join their increasingly siloed digital assets and resources. Over the years, RunMyProcess proved to be one of the most renowned digital transformation enablers and was later acquired by Fujitsu—a Japanese multinational IT equipment and services company.

An Evolutionary Approach to Digital Transformation

Build directly under the supervision of subject matter experts, RunMyProcess offers a fast but evolutionary approach to digital transformation, allowing organizations to balance the need to move quickly while maintaining connections to their existing systems and processes. It allows the rapid creation of smart, process-based applications that work in coordination with on-premise systems, cloud services, and smart devices, facilitating information to automatically flow across the whole digital ecosystem. Whether it is Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, or devices with IoT capability, RunMyProcess enables organizations to quickly build connected applications that are accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. “In a digital age it is very difficult to build a one-size-fits-all application–differentiation relies on your ability to connect resources and provide highly tailored digital experiences to anyone, anywhere.

Our tag line at RunMyProcess—‘digital problem solvers’—reflects this obsession with speed and pragmatism. I think this commitment, combined with Japanese quality, is why our customers respect and like doing business with us

To enable this we tie resources together in common and automated process flows. The end-user doesn’t know they are interfacing with an ERP system, a CRM system, a shipping system, and a purchase order system. All they know is they are performing a task–the magic happens behind the scenes. At RunMyProcess, we call this the last mile of digital transformation. It really unlocks the power of the siloed applications customers have in their data centers,” explains Vic Herring, VP, Head of Global Software Center, Americas at Fujitsu. By using the company’s growing library of integration connectors, even data from the end-of-life legacy systems, such as IBM Lotus Notes, can be channeled into fast and nimble cloud-based workflows.

Commitment, Combined with Japanese Quality

Since opening its doors in 2007, RunMyProcess continues to push the boundaries of technical innovation, pursuing bigger and more complex problems to solve while being committed to its founding principles of pragmatism, simplicity, and fast delivery. The RunMyProcess platform proved to be a complete game changer when it transformed into an independent subsidiary of Fujitsu, a company with its own proud history of innovation. Sharing a culture of modernization, a humanist perspective and a determination to use connected technology to improve business and society, RunMyProcess acts as the core pillar of Fujitsu’s Human Centric Innovation strategy. Today with Fujitsu’s support, RunMyProcess leverages the flexibility of its platform to fix even more problems for customers—from the smallest roadblocks in finance or HR to the most seemingly intractable problems of hyper-connected business. “Initially we considered RunMyProcess as a potential partner whose platform could assist Fujitsu deal with the challenges of a hyper-connected world. But as we realized the importance of RunMyProcess’ technology and its compatibility with Fujitsu’s vision, we quickly changed direction and purchased RunMyProcess,” says Herring. “Over the past few years, we have carefully integrated RunMyProcess into Fujitsu’s digital portfolio.”

In association with RunMyProcess, Fujitsu has developed a Digital Application Factory service ready to assist businesses in their digital transformation journey. The Digital Application Factory is a continuous development environment where a dedicated team of consultants interact with a client’s key stakeholders and subject matter experts by using the RunMyProcess platform. The customer’s experts team-up with RunMyProcess’ digital transformation consultants to define a number of applications to deliver. The Digital Application Factory will streamline the application delivery process to continuously deliver innovation in the business with minimal idle time for applications.
Automate Business and Derive Maximum Benefit

RunMyProcess’ multi-tenant cloud platform capability enables the users to access the powerful technology as a pay-as-you-go service, delivering its benefits at a fraction of the cost of an on-premise solution. Herring cites a case where an insurer was able to automate their underwriting activities so that only one employee was tied up instead of fourteen. “By connecting and automating workflows from end-to-end you eliminate a lot of wasted time and errors, so it allows the customer ensure people are working on important things–like serving customers or delivering innovation,” notes Herring.

Another instance that portrays RunMyProcess’ value proposition is when the company assisted Modern Office Methods (MOM)—a family-owned company of 250 employees, providing office copier sales and servicing for Canon, Samsung, Ricoh, and HP. MOM has branch offices in Dayton and Columbus and serves its clientele with approximately 50 field technicians and a 60-person mobile sales force. In 2009, MOM decided to migrate its operations to the cloud and reduce hardware and administration hardware IT costs while being more flexible in software deployment. They also wanted to discard time-consuming, error-prone and manual business processes such as updating information through waves of email attachments. The challenge was that the sales and service departments operated separately until then. So the service technicians rarely even knew the name of their customer’s sales account manager or vice versa. The process of passing on leads was haphazard and manual and if the service department didn’t know who their sales representative was for a company, they would fill out a form and leave it with MOM’s marketing coordinator, making it a tedious process.

In response to this problem, Fujitsu RunMyProcess was tasked with building a sales lead/tip app. Within weeks, MOM’s IT team created easy-to-use, personalized dashboards on the Fujitsu RunMyProcess platform for each service tech, showing all of their leads and their current status. The app looks up customer account information in MOM’s ERP system behind the firewall, finds the correct sales rep, creates a to-do task in the rep’s Salesforce account, generates an alert, and adds an entry to a Google spreadsheet, to track all of the tip leads. The results of the project impressed the MOM executives, who gave the green light to explore how Fujitsu RunMyProcess could be used for other areas of business, too.

Redefining Digital Transformation

RunMyProcess’ native cloud-based architecture and Fujitsu’s deep relationships with companies such as Oracle and Microsoft to enable them stay ahead of the competition. Moreover, its people are the driving force, the brains, the passion and the soul of RunMyProcess. The company’s leadership admires its employee’s skills, creativity, and knowledge that drive the evolution of RunMyProcess platform, solve customers’ problems and make the world a better place in myriad small ways every day. “We have a very deep bench and an unrivalled breadth of application expertise compared to our competition,” he adds. “I started life as a Marine, so I like to look at our team as a Marine Corps unit that goes in and accomplishes a mission very quickly and completely. Our tag line at RunMyProcess—‘digital problem solvers’—reflects this obsession with speed and pragmatism. I think this commitment, combined with Japanese quality, is why our customers respect and like doing business with us.”

RunMyProcess-A Fujitsu Company

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Vic Herring, VP, Head of Global Software Center, Americas at Fujitsu

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