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Moe Goswami, Founder & CEO
In this age where businesses are trying to become as efficient as possible to surge ahead in the race to corner the market, the impact business process management (BPM) has is enormous. By implementing a proper BPM solution, organizations can improve performance through the analysis, design, observation, control, and modification of business processes. Founded in 1988, AINS has been at the forefront of delivering cloud-based adaptive case management solutions. The company has helped both government and commercial organizations worldwide to rethink their work processes and their development and deployment of new technologies by providing innovative, agile software solutions and services.

Designed for case management, the AINS eCase platform helps customers bring their products to the market faster. This case management platform considers the business processes to be cases managed through a workflow instead of looking at them as pre-determined transactions. It facilitates better adaptability to new requirements, management of unstructured data, and real-time decision making when compared to traditional BPM platforms by focusing on process automation and making decisions based on case data. “By leveraging the power of our eCase platform, we excel at analyzing client business requirements and quickly configuring lightweight, scalable solutions that adapt to the needs of our customers,” says Moe Goswami, founder and CEO of AINS.

“The eCase platform can help customers build end-to-end solutions in an agile manner while providing the means to easily adapt and change along the way,” explains Goswami. AINS takes a low code approach to build case management apps with the configurable tools offered in the platform. Creation and updating of workflows have never been easier thanks to the drag-and-drop Workflow Designer. “We modify workflows using our drag and drop workflow designer, change fields in our forms designer, alter business rules in our rules designer, and configure new reports in our reports designer,” adds Goswami.

AINS has developed pre-configured and ready-built eCase case management apps with its low-code platform. These apps provide out-of-the-box solutions that meet the requirements of the clients’ dynamic business needs while also reducing complexity by streamlining processes across the organization.

By leveraging the power of our eCase platform, we excel at analyzing client business requirements and quickly configuring lightweight, scalable solutions that adapt to the needs of our customers

By utilizing the core eCase management features and best practices across many mission-critical processes, these solutions cover various frameworks to speed implementation and reduce cost as they come configured with process-specific workflows, forms, and dashboards.

By leveraging the eCase platform, the customers receive numerous benefits that in turn, result in faster application development times while also enabling easier adaption of solutions to meet new challenges. The platform provides a single point of control for managing the different cases, thereby reducing IT overhead and simplifying operations. This ensures that the users are future-ready, and their eCase solutions can be configured easily. With streamlined and automated processes, customers have greater visibility across applications.

AINS works closely with customers to ensure product installations and services exceed client expectations. For instance, Department of Interior (DOI), Office of Inspector General (OIG), wanted to resolve inefficiencies with several outdated business processes and approach AINS to build, deploy, and manage tailored applications to streamline management operations. The company installed eCase to automate several manual processes in the OIG’s new system. “Using eCase has reduced the margin of error when calculating metrics and holds everyone in CRU accountable for completing assignments in a timely manner,” adds DOI OIG Manager.

An entirely US-based company, AINS is shaping the future of work with big ideas to solve complex business challenges. “AINS is committed to more than just selling products, we are dedicated to helping our customers enhance productivity, cut costs, and, most importantly, achieve better outcomes,” concludes Goswami.


Gaithersburg, MD

Moe Goswami, Founder & CEO

Offers a low-code eCase management system for efficient business process management

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