Camunda: Developer-friendly Open Source BPM

Jakob Freund, Co-Founder & CEO
With more and more companies turning up the spotlight on the open-source software market, Berlin, Germany based Camunda identifies more reasons for their steady growth: “Organizations are manifesting a strong demand for more transparency, increased process agility, less programming effort and more tailored processes,” says CEO, Jakob Freund, Camunda. Backed by the natural merits of open-source software, such as a vibrant community, Camunda has been able to follow through on their promise of delivering a developer-friendly BPM solution.

The core of the Camunda BPM platform—both for the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition—is the model execution engine that supports the OMG standards BPMN 2.0 for process automation, CMMN 1.1 for case management and DMN 1.1 for decision management. “Around this engine, a number of applications can help customers, execute, and administer process applications,” says Freund. The latest addition being a particularly user-friendly modeler, geared towards both business analysts and developers for creating executable diagrams and decision tables.

Other web applications include Tasklist and Cockpit—the latter being significantly enhanced in the company’s Enterprise Edition. “Tasklist offers an interface to organize and work on tasks end users are supposed to complete,” says Freund. He further adds, “With Cockpit, users from both the IT or business department inspect running and completed process instances and take care of anomalies.” Besides process instances, operators can also inspect completed decision instances and change DMN decision tables on the fly, so called “live editing.” “In addition, Cockpit also provides process analytics which allows customers to establish Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and create KPI reports,” remarks Freund.

In addition to these feature-enriched applications, Camunda’s Enterprise Edition offers immediate rollout of their patch releases to ensure a bug-free environment for users with mission critical processes. “Perhaps the main value of our Enterprise Edition however, lies in our highly acclaimed support.

In addition, Cockpit also provides process analytics which allows customers to establish a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and create KPI reports

Customers get access to our core developers who answer questions during the client’s development stage and provide up to 24x7 assistence in case of emergency,” notes Freund. “Having started out as a consulting company, we are all about customer success,” adds Freund and refers to Camunda’s well acclaimed consulting service that aims at backing up the virtues of BPMN, CMMN and DMN as a modeling language that can be understood by business people as well as software developers. In order to leverage the potential behind that, Camunda offers training and coaching for both business users and software developers, not only on the standards themselves, but the respective projects that client’s are working on.

Reflecting back to a case study where Camunda worked with Sony DADC New Media Solutions to solve their challenges, Freund shed light on their commitment and focus towards client’s success. Sony DADC, a provider of digital supply chain solutions, was working on a proprietary workflow engine that was unable to provide adequate insights into the implemented processes and their current execution. After using Camunda’s BPM solution, Sony DADC was able to deliver numerous digital orders per day, without any problems with scalability. All the executions were done with transparency and simplicity. This has also led to a better understanding of the processes and significantly affects the communication amongst the teams.

Regarding future outlook, Camunda’s R&D efforts focus on increasing performance and further expanding the equilibrium between the business analysts who design processes and the software developers who make them executable.


Berlin, Germany

Jakob Freund, Co-Founder & CEO

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