Ease of Being a BPM Green Sustainable Business

John King, President, Roster Technologies

John King, President, Roster Technologies

Being a green business merely means you are making intelligent uses of all your resources, (profit, people, and planet).

“Using four words, green, sustainable, intelligent and resources, from above, we reviewed multiple studies on success stories from companies that have in one way or the other embraced our adopted Green Definition”

Roster Technologies (RT) Business Process Management (BPM) system utilizes their Position Matrix (a living Green document) to gather and maintain the information needed for the four elements of RT’s BPM Model.

The RT BPM elements are:
1) Assurance customer needs are being meet
2) Assurance the activities know-hows both day to day and long term are documented and maintained as living entities
3) Assurance know-how processes are well established documented and maintained as living entities
4) Assurance the employees are empowered and aware of their individual roles in the BPM system

A Companies activities Know How’s are collected using the Position Matrix Management System as outlined in Roster Technologies’ “Position Matrix Communication System Workshop Handbook” The Handbook serves as the source to finding and documenting the activities, processes and procedures (know hows) which produce sustainability. RT’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Chart provides a checklist for sustainable BPM Business Success.

The following six leadership Green “know hows” are the result of completing the sustainable, Business Process Management (BPM) process. These results give you the means to be a certified Green Business utilizing a dynamic system that provides the information you need to be a Green, sustainable, “Know hows” leader at all times.

1) Know how your Green Company’s sustainability compares financially to your competitors. (We can provide this financial information on request) Your goal is to be Greener than the competitor.
2) Know all your business risks through RT’s sustainable, Green Enterprise Risk Management Process, which covers all aspects of the Green Triple Bottom Line (Profit, People, and Planet).
3) Know by employee, what sustainable Green tasks are being performed and the necessity of the tasks for the business’ success.
4) Know all the tasks have measurable Green created goals. Simulate and analyze Green tasks so they become the best in the industry. Allow the employee to change or improve the task with the approval of the supervisor/co-workers.
5) Know that you are hiring the right people who have done Green activities equal to the Green activities required for your company.
6) Know you can set meaningful, sustainable, Green goals because you have created sustainable, Green, measurable facts from Step #1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

Albert Einstein once wrote "The significant problems we face today, cannot be solved at the same level of thinking as when we created them."

Albert Einstein once said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Keeping in mind what Albert Einstein wrote and said; the search was on for a simple definition of Green Business Sustainability. The following is what we adopted:

There are many definitions of what it means to be a sustainable, green business. Being a green business merely means you are making intelligent use of your goal empowered, employee’s created and documented activities, processes and procedures (know-hows) which includes doing things in a way that uses less energy, consumes less resources, and ultimately both saves and makes you more money, without sacrificing the well being of your sustainable activities driven staff, your planet, or your bottom line. It encompasses a broader, longer term view, but at the same time incorporates plenty of "right now" returns on investment. What are they? That varies from industry to industry, and even company to company.

Using four words, green, sustainable, intelligent and resources, from above, we reviewed multiple studies on success stories from companies that have in one way or the other embraced our adopted Green Definition. We found a Guest Posting on the book Management Reset Business Sustainability that was “Einstein like” and corrects the same old way and is simple to understand.

The means is by adopting six work systems.

1. Work is Managed Strategically
2. Work is Based on Activities, Not Jobs
3. Work is Performed by Multiple Stakeholder Teams and Can Be Virtual
4. Work is Guided by Shared Goals
5. Work is Temporary and Iterative
6. Work is Supported by the Physical Space and Technology

The above six work systems are inherent in the Roster Technologies Business Process Management (BPM) System.


Work systems are an important contributor to an organization’s structure that supports the triple bottom line (Profit, People, and Planet). Approaching work in this way, companies are achieving agility and sustainable effectiveness. So how does your company stack up? If you’re not looking at work – and management – in a new innovative way, you might be left behind. After all, sustainability is the future of business.

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